Investment Philosophy

Our Approach To Your Finances





The Person Wright Financial Group is committed to one simple, yet important, objective – to help our clients work intently toward their long-term financial goals.  We are dedicated to pursuing investment returns that align with our clients’ personalized retirement needs in order to help them create the lifestyle they envision and to transfer wealth to future generations.



The Person Wright Financial Group combines a traditional, fixed income and value-investing equity discipline with sophisticated, active-management investment strategies designed to meet each client’s unique needs.

We believe a key element to long-term investment success often comes with a dual focus on growth and income.   





Although we are not market timers, we challenge ourselves to use current economic data and changing market events to mitigate volatility when applicable.  Our portfolios are built with the following fundamental objectives:


Income can be derived from multiple sources.  We incorporate stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, bonds, cash, and cash alternatives to pursue attractive yields to a comparable portfolio benchmark.  We continually review the yield curve and employ a variety of fixed income products during changing market cycles.  We also focus on current dividends with stocks that aim to provide annual dividend growth potential.  In the right situation, we can implement an option overlay strategy with the goal of maximizing short-term income opportunities.


Tax efficiency is important to us, but we will not sacrifice our commitment to pursue investment gains in order to mitigate potential taxes.  Total return is simply the value increase or decrease a client receives from his or her portfolio, regardless of how an asset creates it (growth and income).  


We seek to mitigate portfolio volatility by building diversified, actively managed portfolios.  We “weed the garden” regularly to remove what we consider underperforming assets.  Our commitment to pursuing current income can potentially result in an increase of cash flow, which may help the total return of the portfolio in flat or down markets.  


Written progress evaluations can be provided on a periodic basis.  These evaluations will include a comparison of your portfolio to an index and a review of your asset allocation and historical performance.   In addition, you will receive a monthly statement and a 1099 statement at the end of the year.  You will have direct access to us should you have any questions or concerns.  By maintaining open communication, we believe we may be able to help avoid reflexive or reactive decisions during downward market cycles.

Option trading involves a number of inherent risks and is not suitable for everyone.  Investors considering options should consult with a tax advisor.  Supporting documentation for any strategies discussed will be supplied upon request.  Be sure to read the Option Clearing Corp.'s Option Disclosure Document (ODD) carefully before investing.  It can be accessed at  A copy can also be obtained by writing to Stifel at 501 North Broadway, St. Louis, Missouri 63102 or by calling (314) 342-2000.

Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.  When investing for dividends, changes in market conditions or a company’s financial condition may impact a company’s ability to continue to pay dividends, and companies may also choose to discontinue dividend payments.