Our Approach To Your Finances





We are committed to providing you with informed perspectives and tailored approaches to your needs and challenges.  To do this, we begin with a deep understanding of your financial priorities and then apply appropriate strategies to help organize your wealth and assets.  Together, we can explore your needs regarding wealth planning, as we work to help you build, manage, mitigate risk to, and transfer your wealth.

Your Investment Plan

  • Assess your risk tolerance
  • Rebalance or reposition assets as needed

Education Planning

  • Invest for children or grandchildren
  • Identify suitable tax-advantaged investments

Retirement Assets and Company Benefits

  • Retirement plan investments
  • Stock option grants or restricted stock

Risk Management Strategies

  • Types of ownership; beneficiary designations
  • Hedging and liquidity strategies

Income Tax Planning

  • Identify tax-efficient investment strategies
  • Help manage capital gains, losses, and alternative minimum tax (AMT) exposure

Personal risk/Family security generation

  • Adequate insurance protection
  • Management plan for incapacity/disability

Charitable and Community Giving

  • Discuss various charitable techniques
  • Explore strategies to instill philanthropic values in the next generation

Cash Flow/Cash Reserve

  • Emergency funds
  • Cash alternatives

Planning for Business Owners

  • Consider personal objectives in the framework of business objectives
  • Discuss various risk mitigation techniques


As a complimentary service for our clients, we make ourselves available for any friends or family members. 

When someone you care about needs financial guidance, we will make time to meet with them and point them in a helpful direction. 

Let us be their sounding board.



Stifel does not provide legal or tax advice.  You should consult with your legal and tax advisors regarding your particular situation.  Rebalancing may have tax consequences, which you should discuss with your tax advisor.